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Rio by Nothing-But-Treble Rio by Nothing-But-Treble
New character! I introduced him towards the end of Rise and have been a little slow drawing him. And before you ask, yes he's albino thanks to the ingenious idea of ToriMooo. I have not yet changed my story to make him albino, but I will be changing it to fit soon. ^^ I'd like for you guys to meet Rio. Since he's a new character, I've also decided to add him a bio so you can get to know him better. :D 

Name- Rio
Name Meaning- "River"
Gender- Male
Age- 46 years (about 30 if he were human)
Height- 6' tall
Species- Sealight Dragon (original species)

Appearance- The most striking feature of Rio's appearance is his body's total lack of pigment. Rio has an incredibly rare form of albinism, making him the first of his species to be albino. Instead of showing his species' normal colors of blue and dark purple, Rio is completely pink in color. Because of his strange appearance Rio has been teased and picked on his entire life, eventually being forced into holding the rank of his tribe's Omega Male. His eyes are blue-violet in color with red pupils. His back is covered in scars from his harsh past as an Omega, but they go easily unnoticed from his pale skin and markings. After his rebirth, Rio displays his death-scar around his neck and dislikes that others stare at it. Grace gives him a red bandana to help hide his death-scar and make him more comfortable. Rio is rather small for being a male of his species, standing at only 6 feet tall, two feet shorter than average. 

Personality/Bio- Rio is a very shy and skittish dragon, preferring to hide and trying not to draw attention to himself, which is difficult considering his strange coloration. Even after breaking out of his Omega role, Rio still has issues showing dominance and breaking old habits, which means he has difficulty making direct eye contact, bows in the presence of another, and grins when nervous (much like that of a canine). Because of his inability to display the array of colors like the other males and because of his rank, Rio has not been allowed to form any relationships other than his close friendship with Nami, the Omega Female of the tribe. Unfortunately, because of his albinism, Rio has very poor eyesight and is very near-sighted, but gets along with the help of Nami. Despite his poor vision, Rio is a surprisingly good hunter when it comes to fishing and even taught Nami how to hunt for herself. Although his friends are few, Rio is bold when it comes to protecting them and shows an amazing display of bravery when needed, which caused him to be murdered by his own tribe. Once he was reborn, Rio became even more nervous and skittish of others, flinching and yelping when approached too quickly. With time and psychological support from Grace, Rio slowly begins to break out of his shell and embrace his new life with his new herd and family. Rio quickly becomes his silly, energetic self and while different, he quickly attracts new friends with his contagiously funny personality. Rio even becomes a lover of music and dancing and fits in perfectly with his other musical friends, even if his "dancing" is a little strange and leaves his friends scratching their heads.

Background- Rio was born on the Hawaiian island Molokaʻi, the same island as Nami but 3 years earlier than his friend. He was born with two other sisters, but his mother refused to nurse him due to his strange appearance, believing that he was ill and not worth wasting milk on. He was orphaned as a newborn, but was taken in by another female whose baby had not survived. Rio grew up thriving in Halawa Bay with the tribe until Nami's father (the alpha at the time) was overthrown from his position as Alpha and taken over by Delmar, who wanted to migrate to cooler waters, leading them to settle along the coast of Fermatador in Viola Bay (fictional locations in my story).

Relaxing under the shade of the trees. His pale skin makes him prone to suffering sunburns.
Swimming and trying to figure out new ways to hunt.
Doing water tricks and stunts (backflips, frontflips, etc.)
Learning and investigating due to his highly curious and intelligent nature.
Playing in snow and rain.

Loud noises (is afraid of thunder)
Being alone.
Being stared at.
When ice covers the water. XD

(P.S. Most of his bio will only make sense if you've read my story. ^^; )
(P.P.S. I know this drawing's not the best. Was just a quick doodle to get his appearance down so you guys could see what he looks like. I plan on drawing him more later on. XD)

Character, Art © Nothing-But-Treble 
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Geo-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student General Artist
Wow, I love his design!! :la: And he's very well drawn and described :love:
Nothing-But-Treble Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :D
Geo-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Yw ;)
Nuwer-Designs Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh cool!  ^^  Awesome job on him!  I always wanted to know what he looked like after I read about him
Nothing-But-Treble Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :love: Ah, yes he's an interesting guy. Need to update his description in my story. XD
Nuwer-Designs Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol. Awesome job on him again. :)
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